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IWO Releases Data Analyzer Tool (IDA, 2021)

This spreadsheet is the result of statistical studies by IWO (Ede, NL). It is a tool to analyze failure (and survival) data and support decision-making about appropriate response like keep on repairing or preventively replace products.

This is freeware that aims at resilience in the electric power supply, for non-commercial use and education. For commercial use, further development and distribution of (parts of) the spreadsheet permissions from the authors is required. Contact: info@iwo.nl. The intellectual property rights and copyright remain with the author(s). IWO Project bv is not accountable for consequences, errors and/or conclusions based on the use of this freeware spreadsheet and educational tool.

The IWO Data Analyzer and its accompanying manual can be downloaded here.


The statistical methods were developed by Robert Ross in collaboration with Gerben Koopmans, Peter A.C. Ypma and Maria Ross.

This freeware is supported through a subsidy by the NL Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, project FINDGO, grant TEUE418008.

The algorithm of weights for linear regression has been developed with support from EU H2020 R&I program and the NL Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, under the ECSEL grant agreement No 826417 (Project Power2Power).

The IWO Foundation has co-financed this freeware project through highly appreciated private donations.