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Supernet NL (2015-2019)

Supernet NL designs an HTS cable system for the Dutch Transmission Grid and demonstrates its integrability, reliability and monitoring capabilities. IWO contribution: Expertise on HTS applications, reliability and grid performance Three feasible HTS cable were successfully designed with Cable manufacturers which could be implemented. However, the 3.4 km trajectory was too costly and no alternative…

Agricultural Support

Agricultural Support

IWO supports with Dutch partner agriculture experts the development of small scale agriculture, especially for the primary food chain. The projects we will start with in Cameroon are palm oil and the improvement of cacao and coffee plantations. With the support of Dutch expertise, the right locations, varieties, crop growing methods and biological non-polluting pesticides…

ITM (2007-2009)

Network management for integration of sustainable energie supply using ICT driven dispersed demand systems IWO contribution: Project Initiative, Socio-Economic study for successful EV implementation, Energy chain studies Partners: KEMA (Lead), ECN, IWO, Enexis DSO, Alliander DSO, Stedin DSO